Thursday, April 21, 2016

From the Papers of the Rev. Dr. Robert Smith

The Rev. Dr. Robert H. Smith was a professor at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, a theologian and author of numerous books.  His papers are courtesy of the Rev. Donna Duensing.  For academic purposes please use the following citation for these primary sources:  Document, Folder, The Papers of the Rev. Dr. Robert Smith, Queerly Lutheran Archive, San Francisco, CA, Date of Document.

Documents are for personal and academic use only.  Individuals interested in publishing or reposting documents must seek permission from Pastor Megan Rohrer (


3 Seminarians Come Out at PLTS

From Lutheran Magazine   - Read News Articles

PLTS Official Statement
Another PLTS Statement

Official ELCA Responses
Chilstrom Official Response

Clergy Meetings

2nd Pastor Meeting

Drafted Expectation Document
Response to Drafted Expectation Document - Pastor Jim Lokken


 The Ordinations of Jeff, Ruth and Phyllis

Krister Stendahl Letter

Official Response from Bishop Miller
St Francis & First United Response to Bishops Letter
Bay Area Congregations Commit to Prayer
Bishop's Letter to Prof Stortz
Bishop's Letter to Prof. Smith


The Trial of St. Francis and First United Lutheran Churches

Letter from Professor Marty Stortz
Discipline Committee Decision

The Trial of Pastor Ross Merkel

click on the blue links in the captions to see full pdf's of each of these documents
Lucy Kolin Statement
Personal Statement by Pastor Ross Merkel
Robert Smith's Statement
Bishop's Announcement of Trial Findings
Letters - Part 1  - Part 2

Sexuality Studies

folder locations are to the left or above each document

1986 LCA Study

1993 - First Draft

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